Aunt And Niece Bracelets

customized and personalized aunt niece jewelry

The love between an aunt and niece is forever, and wearing matching aunt and niece jewelry is a fun way to always be together, even when separated. If matching aunt niece outfits aren’t your thing, then we recommend these personalized aunt and niece bracelets. This customizable aunt niece jewelry can be personally designed for you both. Custom made aunt and niece gifts can be made in 24 hours and mailed out just as quickly. Now all that’s left is picking that one that best fits you.

Aunt and Niece Bracelet

Aunt and niece photo bracelet at eves addiction
Aunt And Niece Photo Bracelet

Aunt And Niece Photo Bracelet

This custom photo bangle for your aunt can hold a photo of her niece, or a photo of you both together. Your custom aunt bracelet can also be engraved on the other side with your names, or maybe a special date from a trip. The engravable heart can hold a special meaning for you with a personalized message that only you two understand. Your aunt will love having a custom made aunt heart bracelet that not only is made just for her, but was also designed by someone she loves very much. Your custom made aunt gift shows extra care, thought, and planning, which is a great way to show someone that you love them.

Custom signet cuff bracelet and aunt and niece jewelry
Aunt Niece Signet Cuff Bracelet

Aunt And Niece Signet Bracelet

For a niece or aunt bracelet sterling silver design to please and surprise her, a signet cuff bangle is a uniquely personalized gift. A customized signet cuff bracelet can feature someone’s initial and their birthstone. For a personalized aunt and niece cuff bracelet we recommend using your aunts initial with the nieces birthstone or visa versa. This creates a personalized aunt bracelet and niece bracelet that keeps you both side by side forever. This piece is made in high quality silver for an easily engravable bracelet piece with a cubic zirconia stone of your choice in every birthstone color you could possibly want.

Aunt And Niece coordinates bolo bracelet
Aunt And Niece Coordinates Bolo Bracelet

Aunt And Niece Coordinates Bracelet

Want to send your niece a custom made niece bracelet that she definitely wont be expecting? This aunt and niece bolo bracelet is great for pairing in aunt and niece jewelry sets. Simply add two of these bangles to your cart with the customizations you want for each design. A custom engraved bolo bracelet is a great choice if you aren’t sure what wrist size is best for someone too. Simply put on the bolo fabric bracelet and tighten it to your own wrist. Made of real sterling silver, this engravable aunt niece bracelet features your choice of coordinates engraved on the front plate. If you took a trip with your niece or aunt and want to remember where you were and everything that you did together, this aunt and niece coordinates bracelet is the best choice for you. Just enter in the address of the destination you visited or search the name of a specific place using the map address box, and your coordinates will be found for you. Your niece or aunts custom coordinates bracelet will fit both perfectly and be customized to your exact experience.

aunt and niece cz bracelet, aunt and niece cubiz zirconia bracelet
2 Stone Aunt And Niece Bracelet

CZ Aunt And Niece Birthstone Bracelet

This 2 stone cz birthstone bracelet showcases both your niece’s birthstone and aunt birthstone side by side. Available in gold plated bracelet settings and sterling silver cz bracelet settings, you can pick the best material for you and choose your birthstones. A two stone cz birthstone bracelet with round stones will look simple but beautiful on her wrist, no matter the age. Keep your aunt or niece close with this niece and aunt cz bracelet customized to your very own specifications. A 2 stone birthstone bangle can be a symbol of your love as well as serve as a reminder that someone is always there for your loved one. There are many customizable aunt and niece jewelry options, but this is one of our top picks for those looking for something elegant and mature. No one will even guess at the hidden bracelet message meaning unless you hint to them that it’s special. It’s a beautiful birthstone 2 stone bracelet that will look good from day and into evening events.

double heart customizable aunt and niece bracelet and gift
Niece Aunt Double Heart CZ Bracelet

CZ Heart Bracelet For Aunt or Niece

For the best custom aunt and niece bracelet for girly girls, we have a beautiful double heart bracelet with customized cubic zirconia stones. Create a personalized bracelet online for aunts and nieces that represents both of your birthdays with round birthstones of your choice. This silver heart charm bracelet cradles each birthstone as if to say I will always be there for you, or you will be forever in my heart. A customizable aunt bracelet or custom niece bracelet, it’s the very image of love that you hold for each other that will dance about your wrists. A link chain keeps the bracelet securely fastened as 1/2 inch hearts hold your round .5 carat stones inside. A custom heart charm bracelet can also have additional charms added to it as you take more trips together, or celebrate graduations, etc!

rose gold aunt bracelet and rose gold heart tag bracelet
Rose Gold Heart Tag Bracelet

Rose Gold Aunt And Niece Bracelet

This heart shaped rose gold bracelet is made of real .925 sterling silver and is then plated in rose gold for a beautiful rose gold aunt bracelet that looks great on every skin tone. This engravable rose gold heart bracelet can be engraved on one or two sides. This engravable aunt bracelet could have your name on the back and your aunts name on the front, or the opposite. Engrave your first names on this rose gold heart bracelet or add a special date to remember always. Rose gold is a universally flattering jewelry color, making it ideal for jewelry gifts for just about anyone. If you’re new to wearing jewelry or gifting jewelry, rose gold customized bracelets will look good on anyone you give them to. This custom engraved aunt and niece bracelet has chunky and fun to wear linking chains, a 3/4 inch engravable heart charm, and a lobster claw closure.

gold plated aunt bracelet with engraved name bracelet design
Gold Plated Name Bracelet For Aunt

Gold Plated Aunt ID Bracelet

Whether you make a bracelet online for aunts or nieces, from either perspective you can build this design and it also ships in 24 hours or less! This intricately etched gold plated cuff bracelet will have your aunt or nieces name engraved on the front surrounded by beautiful textures. Create a gold plated slip on cuff bracelet with your nieces name and an aunts name for an aunt and niece bracelet set that you can both love wearing every day. Easily adjustable with easy slip-in style, these gold engravable name bracelets are a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry box. Some people even get creative and engrave a mixed name onto their aunt and niece custom bracelet designs that uses both of their names in a conglomerate style. For example, mix your names together, Sarah and Belinda could be Salinda, or Ashley and Norah could become Ashrah. It’s your personalized design so the skies the limit!

Customized aunt and niece bracelet and acrylic monogram bracelet
Custom Acrylic Niece or Aunt Bracelet

Personalized Acrylic Bracelet for Niece and Aunt

Try a custom made monogram acrylic bracelet or acrylic letter bracelet as a unique aunt and niece gift. These customized acrylic bracelets are ultra lightweight, which makes them very comfortable for all day wear for both mature and young females. If your an aunt looking for a custom niece gift, and your niece is new to jewelry, something lightweight may be the best choice for her. A personalized acrylic bracelet for your niece will be fun for her to wear and can feature her initial or your initial. If you pick from double sided options, you can feature both first name letters of each of your names. There are many different colored acrylic bracelets options from light to dark colors that everyone can enjoy. Pick your favorite acrylic colored bracelet and start customizing it!

Engravable love you more bracelet and custom engraved aunt and niece bangle
Love You More Niece Bracelet

Love You More Engravable Niece Bracelet

This I love you more bracelet says it all, forever and always every time she wears it. Engrave the inside of this red leather bracelet with a name, date, message, or even a place where you were together. A fabric silver engravable plate bracelet for your aunt or niece in a fun red color will definitely make her smile. It’s also another great option if you don’t know your loved ones wrist size, because this red leather bracelet is easily adjustable and over time will mold to the wearer’s wrist for additional long-wear comfort.

Engravable Hearts Leather Wrap Bracelet for nieces and aunts at eves addiction
Engravable Hearts Leather Wrap Bracelet

Engravable Heart Leather Wrap Bracelet For Niece And Aunt

These two engravable heart bracelets double also as custom leather wrap bracelets for nieces and aunts. Engraved leather bracelets are increasingly popular for all age groups. We like this combination of an awesome customizable heart leather bracelet and engravable leather bracelet style. She will enjoy thinking of the person who loves her every time she looks at it. After time the leather will mold to best fit the person wearing it for a long lasting and comfortable all day custom wrap bracelet style. If you love her, why not spoil her!

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