What is Drusy?


In geological terms, drusy (also called druse or druzy) refers to the glitter-like coating of fine quartz crystals over another stone. Though it has a soft and somewhat velvety appearance, drusy is rated a 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, making it quite suitable for jewelry, particularly pendants and earrings. drusy_earrings

Though very beautiful, drusy is not as expensive as other gemstones and affordable pieces can often be found set in sterling silver. Drusy, much like amber, takes millions of years to grow and develop, and comes in a variety of different colors. It can also be dyed to achieve unnatural color. Some drusy varieties are coated with titanium, creating a lustrous iridescent finish.

Drusy is easily cut, but the jeweler must be careful as the stone can be easily damaged in this process. Most drusy jewelry is bezel-set to assure that the stone does not chip as it is worn.

How to care for drusy:
If needed, you can use warm, soapy water and a soft brush to gently clean your drusy jewelry. Do not expose the stone to household chemicals or chlorine, and to best preserve your jewelry, do not wear it in the shower.

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