Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men 2018

Want to give him a Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget? So many crafts and cards and candies out there that you don’t know where to start? No worries, we’ve broken down the key to a successful V-Day. Here’s our simple 3-step guide to winning at Valentine’s Day:


1. Men’s engravable stainless steel I.D. bracelet, $38
Add something special to his look with this simple yet stylish stainless steel I.D. bracelet. Smooth, yet durable enough to be worn every day, you can engrave both the outside and the inside of this bracelet for a secret message of affection.

2. Stainless steel CZ eternity band, $29
This sleek and stylish band comes in sizes 5-13 and is engravable on the inside, making it the perfect eternity or promise band for you and your guy to wear as a matching set. This ring is a fan favorite!

3. Luminescent chronograph stainless steel men’s watch, $45
This designer style watch is a winner in both form and function. A timepiece like this is a tried and true Valentine’s Day gift. Plus, he’ll never have an excuse to be late again!

4. Large stainless steel dog tag necklace, $28
A growing trend and a holiday best-seller, these stainless steel dog tag pendants come in a variety of sizes and styles, from embellished to photo engraved. Customize this piece with your choice of engraving (even advanced styles with art!) for a meaningful and stylish gift he can wear every day.

5. Solar eclipse secret message band, $36
This unique ring features two engravable bands, one orbiting outside the other. It doubles as a spinner ring and can be engraved with any message meaningful to you, making a perfect matching couple’s set!

6. Engravable stainless steel compass pendant, $36
Is he your guiding light? Would you be lost without him? Here is a clever way to tell him so. This is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman, and it features an engravable back side for personalization.

7. Sterling silver engraved couples’ message ring, $26
This classic best-seller is the perfect symbol of affection. Engravable on the inside and outside, this ring makes a durable wedding band, matching set, or promise ring for men.

8. Men’s triple row cable and rubber I.D. bracelet, $30
A popular choice for the casual male, this engravable I.D. bracelet is a dressed down alternative for the stainless steel I.D. bracelet mentioned above. Its sleek black band helps it easily transition from day to night, though, for very versatile wear.

gifts-for-men2Even the tough guys love to hear how loved they are, especially on the most romantic day of the year! Make your day truly meaningful by writing out a heartfelt card to your guy to show him how appreciated he is. Then, make the sentiment extra sweet by baking or buying him a sweet treat, like Valentine’s Day themed donuts or cupcakes. After all, the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

While you’re putting together the perfect V-Day gift for the special man in your life, be sure to enter our Be My Valentine Contest. You could win a $100 Eve’s Addiction gift card (or one of our other awesome prizes) and pick him out a few special pieces!



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