Cheap Criss Cross CZ Rings

Cubic zirconia criss cross rings started out a a few years ago as a fun modern accessory that a few women wore every now and then. Usually they’d be a silver criss cross band, plain and basic with a clean overlapping design. Since that time the criss cross style rings have really blossomed in popularity. Not only are there more styles to choose from, but the choice of materials is endless as well. With inexpensive criss cross cz rings in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold, it’s no wonder that sometimes we need some help choosing a design for ourselves. With todays’ expansive market of x shaped rings you can even get niche-y with your stone options. Criss cross rings come with cubic zirconia, glass, crystal, and no stone styles. The best part about the criss cross ring’s popularity, is that now there are endless affordable options for those not ready to splurge on diamonds. So which style of criss crossing ring is right for you?

Cheap Criss Cross CZ Ring Styles

rose gold criss cross cz ring

CZ Criss Cross Ring Rose Gold

At the same time that cz criss cross rings became extremely popular, rose gold was at it’s height in popularity as a jewelry material too. It should come as no surprise then that one of the most requested criss cross shaped rings features a pairing of those two designs. This rose gold criss cross cz ring is our number one recommendation if you’re looking to try out this modern ring design. Set in real sterling silver and plated in rose gold with glittering cubic zircon stones, this rose gold z ring is an affordable design that’s both beautiful and inexpensive.

criss cross cz ring sterling silver

CZ Criss Cross Ring Sterling Silver

If you’re a lover of shining .925 sterling silver then this white cz silver criss cross ring is the best choice for you. It features the basic design from the originals that everyone loved, with an upgrade of two rows of sparkling white cubic zirconia stones. This sterling silver cz criss cross ring is a good day wear option that will look good with jeans or work dresses. A slightly less dressy option than the rose gold and gold versions, it’s more wearable with the entirety of your wardrobe.

cheap criss cross cz ring golgCZ Criss Cross Ring in Gold

A high quality yet cheap gold criss cross ring is excellent for dress occasions, special events, or date night. Gold criss cross cz rings look expensive and elegant. Though not using real diamond, these cubic zircon stones are set in real sterling silver and then plated in real gold. A fake diamond ring with a good quality gold ring setting who fool most eyes. This gold plated cz criss cross ring looks beautiful paired with other modern gold rings. If you have a few favorites, add or stack them together for a decadent jewelry look. Gold cubic zirconia criss cross rings make us think of Cleopatra and her amazing golden jewels.

cheap criss cross silver ring

Simple Silver Criss Cross Ring

Sometimes less is more. This understated sterling silver criss cross ring is the original design before it’s popularity sky-rocketed. If you prefer simple silver rings, or just don’t love cubic zirconia stones, then stick to the basics with this easy every day style. With a simple criss cross silver ring there’s no wrong outfit pairing. This is the perfect criss cross ring for the girl who loves her jeans shorts and Bohemian tops, or the woman or wears a pencil skirt to work every day. Simple sterling rings never seem to go out of style, and we think that’s because elegant yet clean designs are timeless.

cheap gold criss cross ring gold

Simple Gold Criss Cross Ring

A gold criss cross ring with ┬ásimple style and a lightweight design is perfect for the no-fuss woman. The perfect throw-on golden criss cross ring, it will instantly dress up any outfit. Unlike it’s silver counterpart which is fun and playful, this gold version is delicate but rich looking. Gold is always the dressier of jewelry materials and it brings that added luxury to your finished outfit too. These simple criss cross bands are made with an authentic finger shape, slightly wider cross the center but less wide from top to bottom. This keeps the ring in place and helps to stop any extra rotation. Let this modern gold criss cross ring be the last thing you put on every morning to bring some added class to every outfit. Gold plated silver provides you with a cheap gold criss cross ring price, while you still benefit from a high quality real ring setting.

Cheap 7 birthstone criss cross cz ring sterling silver

Birthstone Criss Cross CZ Ring

When you’ve seen every kind of criss crossed cz ring and just want something new, try a custom birthstone style. This custom birthstone criss cross ring isn’t something you’ll find everywhere you go. Not only do you have the criss cross front, but the silver material is shaped into an infinity symbol that’s decorated in your choice of colored cubic zirconia stones. A criss cross birthstone ring would make a great gift for mom or grandma for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. If you’re shopping mainly for yourself, you can choose your own color scheme, or even fill the cz spots with several stones just in your birthstone color. Simply add the colors according to the charts number and that’s how they’ll be ordered in your ring’s design.

open center ring gold criss cross

Open Center Criss Cross Ring in Gold

Open center criss cross ring designs are ideal for people who have middle ring sizes. Besides being fun to wear and featuring an unusual textured exterior, these rings are great for people with sizes like 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 etc. The additional space at the bottom gives your finger room to breathe so that you can pick a slightly smaller size and still be comfortable. This gold textured criss cross ring design adds a modern edge to your look. Unlike the smooth and elegant simple gold rings, a textured gold criss cross ring will add some roughness to your outfit, but in a tasteful way. This gold gorjana Elea ring is one not easily forgotten.

criss cross open center silver ring

Open Center Criss Cross Ring in Sterling Silver

From battered and texturized gold rings to this sterling silver textured criss cross ring, these two similar styles couldn’t have more different affects. This textured silver criss cross open ring should be worn with your leather jacket or cropped summer boots for a rough but girlie look. This silver gorjana Elea ring is an excellent way for girlie-girls to add some faux-roughness to their style. Whether it’s leather paired with leather or simply used to beef up some of your casual summer clothes, a surprising texture is fun to wear and pair with other silver modern rings favorites in stacked looks.




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