Fake Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Real

Best Fake Engagement Rings That Look Real

In this new modern era we’re seeing more and more requests for the very best fake engagement rings that look real. Some of the reasons are obvious and others may surprise you. Many couples who can’t yet afford a real diamond ring set will opt for the very best fake diamond engagement rings. Some women who love high quality jewelry, but diamonds are just beyond their pocket books, like that they can still get a nice ring without paying for a multi-thousand dollar stone. Younger couples, instead of buying promise rings, are instead choosing fake diamond engagement rings that look real. Here are our picks for the best fake diamond engagement rings available at different price points and in high quality ring settings. We’ll also tell you who buys them typically.



Real Gold Fake Diamond Engagement Ring

Fake diamond engagement ring in gold setting with square stone

The most popular fake diamond ring is this simple cz engagement ring band with a princess cut stone. This cz fake engagement ring is set in real 14K gold for a perfect blend of luxury materials and inexpensive cubic zircon stones. A real gold fake diamond engagement ring is a popular choice for couples getting married who can’t yet afford a real diamond, or simply prefer alternative engagement rings without diamonds. It’s also a popular choice for women who like high quality jewelry, but aren’t ready to purchase diamonds at their current salary level. This real gold cz ring looks every bit the real deal with it’s glittering stones, ideal weight, and authentic 14K carat gold stamp. For all of these reasons, it’s our top pick for the best fake diamond engagement rings on the market.



Brilliant Cut Fake Diamond Engagement Ring Set

CZ fake diamond engagement ring set that looks real at Eves Addiction

This set of wedding rings is the most sold fake diamond wedding rings set. At around $98 this real sterling silver fake diamond engagement ring set is a thing of beauty without the expensive price tag. Not only does this fake diamond engagement ring look real, but it features intricately wrapped cz stones and a lovely brilliant shaped diamond cz. Mostly only couples buy this fake wedding ring set. It looks very much like a real and authentic diamond wedding ring set, so to use it for any other purpose, it would be a bit too blingy for that. With that said, there’s no rule to wearing jewelry, so just do you.



Emerald Fake Diamond Engagement Ring

Fake princess diamond engagement ring set that looks real

If you’re looking for a fake wedding ring set that looks real but isn’t typical, visit this product’s page and look at how these two ring pieces are set together. This emerald cut fake diamond ring set has two interlocking pieces with a unique and surprising design that’s both modern and fun. This ring also has a nice vintage feel to it even though it’s a modern cz engagement ring set, due to it’s darker setting and strong architectural look. This emerald cut fake diamond engagement ring looks real and is set in high quality 925 sterling silver for a beautiful set you can love always.

Fake Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Fake halo diamond engagement ring by eves addiction

In love with cubic zirconia halo engagement rings? We don’t blame you. We list it here because it’s a popular choice, and though most women buy it as a high quality and fine jewelry fashion ring, we think it’d make an excellent cz halo engagement ring. Most women ordering this ring appear to just want a halo fake diamond engagement ring for every day wear. This piece is a bit on the larger side, so it may possibly be better suited to that. Either way you choose to wear it, we’re big fans. This 1.6 round diamond stone is set in a real sterling silver ring setting for a great quality mid-line halo style ring. This sterling silver halo diamond ring has all that you’d want from the real thing with a nicely made .925 sterling silver setting with a nice weight, sparkling cubic zirconia halo wedding stone, and intricately placed halo cz stones.

Traditional Fake Engagement Ring That Looks Real

cheap real setting fake diamond engagement ring set

There are hundreds of unique, modern, sophisticated, vintage, art deco, and luxury fake diamond rings out to choose from. Many people though, will stick to a simple fake diamond engagement ring that is traditional and clean. Some people find this kind of simple wedding ring set boring, but there’s a reason this traditional wedding ring set has lasted the test of time. Sometimes the best things that become the most classic things are very simplistic designs, and this fake traditional wedding ring is no exception. For a beautiful fake diamond traditional wedding set that looks real, these rings are only $72 dollars and that’s for both rings in one set! It’s a fake diamond set in a real sterling silver ring setting that will look luxurious on her finger.

Forever Fake Diamond Engagement Ring

Fake forever diamond engagement ring in real ring setting

This fake forever diamond engagement ring looks real and beautifully ostentatious. Why do we use the adjective ostentatious? Because we ourselves love ostentatious jewelry! The more sparkling and vulgar so to speak, the more we will probably love it. Whether you’re getting married, or just love everything about diamonds, this fake three stone ring is amazing and there’s no way people won’t see it. This sterling silver past present and future ring would be a great gift for an anniversary too. A round brilliant cut cz diamond is encased between two cubic zirconia stones and paired next to a cz diamond band. This fake diamond engagement ring set is set in real sterling silver and will tell people you’re coming from at least 8 feet away. Sunglasses will be needed.

Vintage Fake Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Fake blue diamond engagement ring set

This vintage fake diamond engagement ring looks real, as in authentically vintage even. Fake vintage engagement rings are the best of the modern world with all of the things you love about the past. This fake vintage diamond ring has unique cz coloring to give it an almost blue diamond engagement ring look. Surrounding by cubic zirconia stones and set in sterling silver, it’s a very high quality fake diamond ring. The 1.25 carat stone in this round fake diamond engagement ring set is cradled in an old school design similar to the architectural structures of the 1920’s with round window panes and elaborate almost Baroque like elements.

Art Deco Fake Diamond Engagement Ring

Tall fake diamond engagement ring that looks real

If you buy an authentic art deco diamond ring these days be prepared to spend at least $8000 dollars. For those of you who don’t have 8K stashed or prefer to buy a few vacations, there’s this fake art deco diamond ring that looks real priced at $62 dollars instead. A sterling silver art deco engagement ring is set in a high engagement ring cz style with 1920’s ring setting decorated with small cz diamond stones. This vintage diamond ring would fool anyone without a thorough and lengthy inspection.  The vintage ring setting is beautiful and very period accurate, while the tall set diamond ring’s stone is eye-catching and awe-inspiring. A beautiful fake engagement diamond ring, it’s purchased for popping the question, and very popular for every day wear by fine jewelry fake diamond ring collectors.

Heirloom Fake Halo Engagement Ring

Fake diamond halo engagement ring at eves addiction

In case our previous fake cz halo engagement ring was too modern for you, there’s also this vintage inspired halo engagement ring set. This beautiful cubic zirconia halo ring is a blend of modern and vintage elements. Paired with a modern cz eternity band, but paired with a vintage deep set round halo stone, you’ll have a beautiful alternative engagement ring that’s of both worlds. This .925 sterling silver halo wedding ring that looks real also comes in a free gift box, and is even available in size 5 for smaller hands.

To see more very high quality fake engagement rings, visit Eve’s Addiction and choose from hundreds of products online.


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