Mom Rings With Birthstones

Custom birthstone rings for mom

A great gift for Mom at Mother’s Day is a personalized gift that’s hers and hers alone. In this case, personalized jewelry gifts fit that bill. All of these custom made mom rings ship quickly and most have not only your own choice of birthstones but can be engraved too. Here are my favorite pieces and why I think they’re different.

Rings With Birthstones For Mom

Mom rings with birthstones for Mother's Day

3 Stone Mom Ring

Whether you’re a family of three or she has three children, this three stone mom ring is my top pick. With three birthstones set into this custom made birthstone ring you can feature mom’s birthday with a single child in the center and dad’s birthstone on the other side. You could also use it for just mom’s children, but I like the idea of wearing it in this way instead, and representing your entire family. This personalized birthstone ring comes in two different metal types, silver and gold, so that you can customize basically every aspect of the design from top to bottom. Due to the size and intricate weaving of the band’s design, it’s too thick for engravings, but I don’t mind that. If you definitely want to have a ring engraved for mom then keep reading, there will be plenty of more options for custom engraved Mother’s Day rings. Also below is this same Mothers birthstone ring but in the gold option.

Mom rings with birthstones gold three stone ring
Gold three stone birthstone ring for mom.

Engravable Heart Birthstone Ring For Mom

Two hearts side by side in this ring for mom could resemble a close relationship you have with your own mother, or her two children. I like the idea of this 2 stone ring for mom as a custom made jewelry gift from daughters. That isn’t to say that your custom heart birthstone can’t resemble a brother or husband, but I feel like most people probably won’t customize it that way. This custom two stone heart ring is my favorite option for two daughters, or as a mother daughter ring with both of your hearts forever together as one. I promised you engravable mom rings with birthstones! This engravable heart ring could have many things inscribed on the inside. I would recommend maybe the date of when your giving the ring gift to her, or maybe a nickname that she has for you or if you have one for her. My mother and I recently took our first solo vacation together, so I would probably engrave “Hawaii Forever” on the inside of mine. It’s really up to you how to customize a ring for your particular relationship.

Mom ring with birthstones 2 stone birthstone heart ring
2 Stone Heart Birthstone Ring in Silver

Two Stone Couples Ring – But for mom!

Why did I put a custom couples ring here, well I’ll tell you. When picking my favorite custom Mother’s Day jewelry I was mainly thinking of my own mother(which makes sense) however my mom is a girlie girl. I started thinking about my neighbor at the end of our street. I know very little about her other than that she gardens almost every day in the summer and she cares for horses year around. If this type of mother sounds more like your mother, then I doubt she would want one of these intricately designed mom rings with weaving sterling silver bands and brilliant cut cubic zirconias. I feel like this birthstone mothers ring is a beautiful band but without the bulk, and I like that this custom birthstone band is simple but not boring. It has an interesting open ring design which is a very modern ring design, and the cubic zirconia birthstones are simple but very pretty. Also since this 2 stone birthstone ring is for men AND women, it’s easy to get one in a smaller size. So I hope this helps for those of you whose mothers aren’t as particular about their glittering rings, fur shawls, and pumps(love you mom!). She’s so fabulous. ^_^ !

Mom rings with birthstones open ring birthstone ring from Eve's Addiction
Open Ring Mom Ring With Birthstone

Eight Stone Birthstone Mom Ring

I picked this 8 stone Mother’s Day birthstone ring for two reasons. The first being that my best friend, bless her heart, has seven siblings. I know, I know. Not many people are still doing the huge family thing these days, but her family did, and for those of you with huge families you need more stones. This eight stone birthstone ring has a little spot for everyone’s birth month. Quick note by the way – if you need even more stones has some custom birthstone rings for big families that go up to even 11 stones or more. As for the second reason why I picked this custom made mom birthstone ring, it’s because of the ring’s inspired vintage setting. A broader sterling silver band with x’s holding each stone creates that much loved chiaroscuro affect of darkness amongst shining sparkling cz stones. I love vintage birthstone rings that use light and shadow to make their design more interesting.

Note** If you love this vintage inspired birthstone ring, but you only have two siblings just be creative! Do the top 4 stones in your birthstone, and the bottom 4 birthstones in the other siblings. See? Still a beautiful birthstone vintage ring for even smaller families.

8 stone birthstone ring for mom, mom rings with birthstones
Eight Stone Birthstone Ring

Heart Locket Ring With Birthstones

Why not gift mom with this birthstone heart locket ring? It’s a birthstone ring, it’s a heart shaped ring, it’s a heart locket, and I get to pick my own customized birthstones. I mean, why would this not be featured here? My only hesitation with the custom heart birthstone ring was whether or not the cubic zirconias themselves would make any noise(because that’d be annoying right?). Well I tried it out for a full day, and I can assure you it’s a super quiet birthstone locket ring. The stones do move, which I think is super fun, but it’s minimal movement and you have to hold the ring closely to your ear to be able to hear any of that movement. I really love this for a birthstone ring for mom. I think it’s a great gift for mom for absolutely anyone whose mother likes jewelry at all. I’ll show you another option right below this one that’s in a similar design, but not the heart locket design. You let me know which one you like better below in the comments mmmmmk? This personalized birthstone ring comes in gold too!

Custom Caged Heart Locket ring a mom ring with birthstones
Custom Caged Heart Locket Birthstone Ring

As for the similar style I was talking about, see this gold caged tree locket birthstone ring. My mother likes heart jewelry, but maybe yours doesn’t. If this gold tree locket ring is a better option for you then by all means, have at it. This gold birthstone ring for mothers features the same cubic zirconias floating inside the locket tree locket that you can personalize to represent your own family. The tree ring design is used because it represents the family tree. I think my preference is still the sterling silver locket heart ring, but if you prefer the plated tree gold locket ring, let me know. Either way, both personalized birthstone rings are very pretty and totally unique designs. They really do open and close too!

Gold mom rings with birthstones tree locket ring
Gold Tree Ring Locket With Birthstones

2 Stone Birthstone Ring For Mom

Ridiculous or ridiculously fabulous? I don’t care what anyone says, I love this custom birthstone ring and I know for a fact that my mother would be entirely into it. This mom ring with birthstones features two oval cubic zirconia stones set in an elaborate cubic zirconia twisting band with two additional round white cubic zirconia stones set on the outsides. I pretty much love all of the things here. If I end up buying this two stone birthstone ring for mom I will probably just get two in my cart and make the exact same one for me. Mom and I will have the same custom made birthstone ring, now that’s a lovely idea. It’s called the fancy swirl ring, because, you know…it’s fancy and has a swirl. My mother would love it!

2 stone birthstone ring for mom rings with birthstones
Two Stone Mom Birthstone Ring

If you enjoyed this post covering all kinds of Mom rings with birthstones then please share it somewhere and by all means, tell me below what you decided to get your Mom for Mother’s Day jewelry!

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