New Personalized Signet Jewelry

Eve’s Addiction has new Signet Jewelry! You liked the cz signet bracelets so much we thought we would add a few more. These new signet jewelry styles include sterling silver, gold, and rose gold options. If you still like a bit of sparkle with your every day jewelry pieces, we still have the customizable bracelets with your choice of cubic zirconia stone. Take a look! Which one do you want for Christmas?

Custom signet jewelry at eves addiction where you can design a bracelet online

$70 at Eve’s Addiction. Rose Gold Signet Bracelet

Custom Rose Gold Signet Bracelet

In love with rose gold jewelry? Our personal favorite, this personalized rose gold bracelet features your signet initials and has an easy slip-on style. This is a high quality rose gold plated bracelet using authentic .925 sterling silver for the base. Your bracelet will be light weight, with a beautiful shine to it and malleable design that can be adjusted to fit every wrist. If you’re not sure which jewelry material to purchase, keep in mind that rose gold jewelry compliments all skin tones.

custom made bracelet from eves addiction selling customizable bracelets online

$70 at Eve’s Addiction, Sterling Silver Signet Bracelet

Custom Sterling Silver Signet Bracelet

A traditional favorite, who doesn’t love sterling silver jewelry? The most affordable of all of the “precious metals” this lovely customizable silver cuff bracelet will feature beautifully etched initials and soon be your favorite signet jewelry piece. Sterling silver creates an ideal surface for clean engravings and shines beautifully in both light and dark places.

Custom gold cuff bracelet from eves addiction signet jewelry collection online

$70 at Eve’s Addiction, Custom Gold Signet Bracelet

Custom Gold Signet Bracelet

If you want your customizable signet bracelet to look ultra chic and very expensive, then gold is definitely for you. We’re not sure if it’s that warm hue in the light, or simply because Cleopatra set the precedence long ago, but this customizable gold cuff bracelet is Elegant with a capital E. Wear your custom engraved gold cuff bracelet with every day simple gold rings for a lovely stacked affect.

More customizable cuff bracelets below…

What is signet jewelry?

Signet jewelry uses your initials in custom made bracelet pieces, or any other piece of jewelry, to create a customized piece reflecting your family. The original signet jewelry usually featured family crests or the families “logo” as some may think of it today. Well today most people don’t know if they ever even had a family crest, or if they did, they have no idea what it is. This is why signet jewelry has evolved more into id jewelry. There are a few minor differences between a custom ID bracelet and a custom signet bracelet design that most jewelers follow. ID bracelets also use your initials, but they are typically fun designs with hanging charms, bubble fonts, and the engraving is usually on a plate or rectangular shaped surface. Customizable signet bracelets typically try to maintain that nod to the past by still using round disc shapes similar to the original family crest ring. The personalizable signet cuffs here also use a chic font and simple design. When picking out the best signet jewelry, remember that today’s standard is “simplicity is better” and also higher-end.

Engravable ID bracelet and engravable cz bracelet from eves addiction com

$38 at Eve’s Addiction, Customizable CZ Signet Cuff

Custom Sterling Silver CZ Signet Bracelet

This custom cubic zirconia birthstone cuff has a spot for your signet engraving and also your choice of cz stone. Custom birthstone cuff bracelets have become extremely popular in the last few years and now engravable signet bracelets are too. In this engravable birthstone bracelet you get both types of jewelry in one look. Whether it’s for you, or a loved one(probably Mom right?) we know it will be thoroughly enjoyed. Have your engraved sterling silver cuff with a POC, pop of color and fun.

Engravable Silver Sterling Signet Cuff Bracelet, an engravable silver cuff bracelet bangle

$48 at Eve’s Addiction, Engravable Silver Sterling Signet Cuff Bracelet

Custom Sterling Silver Signet Bracelet

Remember when we said earlier that simple elegance always wins out when one is seeking an engravable signet jewelry design? The above sterling silver cuff bracelet with malleable and engravable text options suits those needs perfectly. This favorite original features the round engravable signet disc surface, the chic simple design signet jewelry looks best with, and a small decorative ball design at the end. This 3/8 width 7 inch long sterling silver cuff bracelet can only be described as exquisite.

Whether you’re in the market for a custom signet cuff, an engraved ID bracelet, or even a custom monogram bracelet; all of these personalizable bracelet designs are fun to create. Design¬†personal jewelry for yourself or custom design a bracelet for friends. Engravable bracelets make great gifts for friends for Christmas and are fun gifts for birthdays too!


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