Top 6 Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s day is the day we celebrate or moms and all the hard work they’ve done for us. We like to spoil them with gifts to show our appreciation.  Finding the perfect gift sometimes is a very difficult task. It doesn’t have to be a hassle this year; Eves Addiction has come to your rescue. Below is some of our favorite mother’s day jewelry. We have selections for new moms, grandma’s, fashionable moms and regular plain moms. Browse below for descriptions of our favorite pieces.


The first piece on our Mother’s day gift guide is the Sterling Silver Baby Footprint Custom Birthstone Pendant. This adorable piece features a baby’s foot which can be personalized with the child’s birthstone on the top left corner. This is the perfect gift for a new mom because all new mothers are obsessed with their babies. She will absolutely love the gift because it will allow her to take a piece of her baby with her everywhere she goes. The new mom will definitely cherish this keepsake forever. You’ll earn tons of brownie points with this option.



The second item on our gift guide is perfect for stylish, modern mothers. The 3 Stone Celtic Trinity Knot Custom Birthstone Pendant can be personalized with three birthstones in the center of the trinity knot of people near and dear to the recipient including their kids. There are many interpretations of the Celtic trinity knot. Some interpretations are that the symbol trinity knot represents the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honor, and protect. We know that Celts (Celtic-speaking people of mainland) honored the Great Mother, a lunar goddess who was actually three personifications in one. This piece is the perfect necklace to show your mom that your honor her.


The 3rd item on gift guide is the Pave CZ Oval Birthstone Stud Earrings. This piece has a beautiful oval purple birthstone in the center with sparkling CZ’s along the perimeter making this piece perfect for a glamorous mom. Show your mom that she’s as special as an emperor during the Roman Empire with the purple birthstone. The color purple is associated with aristocracy and royalty. Your glamorous mom will love to know that she as valuable in your life as the emperor was to the Romans.


The 4th item on our amazing gift guide is the Custom 3 Stone Heart Mother’s Necklace. This adorable piece features 3 adorable birthstone hearts and 3 sterling silver hearts going around in a circle. The birthstone and sterling silver hearts alternate giving the necklace a unique look. This heart necklace screams “I love you too much.”  Your mother will surely feel appreciated.


The fifth item on our wonderful gift guide is the Custom Mom and Baby Bird Charm Birthstone Silver Necklace. This piece features a silver mom bird layered with a smaller gold baby bird necklace on top. On top of the baby bird is a bezel set cubic zirconia birthstone. This piece will inform your mother that you’ll always be close to her heart because you just love her so much.


The very last item on our gift guide is the 4 Stone Gold Plated Birthstone Family Tree Necklaces. Family tree necklaces are very sentimental pieces that mothers adore. The family tree necklace featured above can be customized with up to 10 birthstones. Everyone in your family will be represented in the necklace. A family tree necklace is an ideal gift for your mother so that they can always have their loved ones close to their hearts.


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