Style Alert! Dainty Rings with Monogram Engraving

Dainty Circular Disc Rings with Monogram Engraving - Styles in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, and Rose Gold Plated

Monogram initials were originally used on coins. The initials on the coins marked the city that the currency was used in. Later it was used by artisans and royal families. It was considered a sign of aristocracy for one to have monograms on their household goods. Monograms are still very popular today and are worn by fashionistas all around the world. They are classic, simple, and beautiful. Eve’s Addiction brings you beautiful dainty rings with monogram engravings. Classically, monograms feature your first name initial on the left, last name initial in the middle, and middle name initial on the right. With your choice of yellow gold plated, rose gold plated, and .925 sterling silver, these rings perfectly accessorize with any look. Below are further details on our fine monogram engraved rings.

Engraved 3 Letter Monogram Disc Ring in Sterling Silver

The Engravable Monogram Disc Ring in silver is a classic. The polished silver disk is sleek and will enhance any everyday look. This ring is the perfect way to display your initials in a beautiful and elegant way for any occasion. Your initials are written in beautiful elegant script. Pair this ring with any other silver monograms to make your ensemble stand out.

Rose Gold Plated Monogram Engraved Ring

The Engravable Monogram Disc Ring in Rose Gold is polished and elegant. It takes the traditional monogram style to an entirely new level. The elegant coppery color is unique and looks absolutely stunning when paired with other rose gold jewelry or while wearing white, black, or sparkly clothing. This distinct version of the monogram style is sure to be an attention grabber.

Yellow Gold Monogram Disc Ring

This Engravable Monogram Disc Ring in Gold is tasteful and a must-have addition to your jewelry collection. The beautiful shiny yellow gold will add a graceful touch to any outfit it is paired with. This custom handcrafted ring is a stylish classic that all fashionistas are destined to love.


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