Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a Holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. It is a happy time in the year when people are filled with the holiday spirit and are extremely generous.  It is a time to be with the people you love the most.  Some Christmas rituals include deigning your houses and Christmas trees with beautiful Christmas ornaments, singing Christmas carols, going to Church, having a family meal and the most important one, giving and receiving gifts from the people you love.  Eves Addiction has a large selection of personalized ornaments that will bring the beautiful Christmas spirit into your home. All of the ornaments can be personalized making it unique to you and extra special. Below are some of our unique styles.

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Ornament for Christmas Tree

The Mr.  & Mrs. Personalized Wood Ornament will bring a comforting and gleeful aura into your home during the holdays.  This accessory is a great gift to give to the person whose house you visit to celebrate Christmas or to a parent or grandparent.  The bold red ribbon attached to the wood ornament makes it stand out and fill your home with the Christmas spirit. You can personalize the ornament by choosing the type of wood you prefer and by adding a last name and an anniversary date to it. This festive piece can be used as both a gift and a decorative accessory.

Gingerbread Man Ornament with Photo of Your Choice

You will have the best designed Christmas tree this year if you add Custom Gingerbread Man Photo Ornament. Gingerbread cookies are the perfect holiday cookies. They are fun to bake and even more fun to design.  The idea of inserting yourself in a cookie is unique and will earn you lots of brownie points. Everyone who visits your home will surely be captivated and have fun looking at the one of kind ornament.  With this ornament you’ll surly win all of the Christmas tree contests you join.

Stunning 'Tis the Season Ornament in a Variety of Wood Types

Christmas time tis the season to be jolly falalalalal lala lala. Hang the beautiful Tis the Season Wood Ornament in your house to create a joyful vibe. This is a must have ornament because it really captures the essence of the holiday spirit. The wood material adds a warm and cozy feeling to your home and the snowflakes reflect the beautiful show outside.  Personalize your ornament with the name of you are your spouse and your anniversary year making it unique to only your family. The bright red ribbon attached to the wood is especially beautiful.

Looking for more Christmas ornament ideas? Shop over 40 customized items in our Personalized Christmas Ornaments page.


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