Over the Moon for Moon Jewelry

Do you own a moon necklace? The moon is a growing motif in jewelry and crescent moon necklaces, among other moon-inspired jewelry, is becoming more and more popular. We love this celestial style, so below we’ve highlighted three of our favorite moon jewelry themes.

crescent-moon-jewelryCrescent moon jewelry can hold deep significance for its wearer. The second phase of the moon, the crescent moon is said to represent hopes and wishes. Whether you’re wearing crescent moon jewelry for its unique shape or for its inherent symbolic meaning, you’re sure to sparkle like the night sky.

moon-and-stars-jewelryMoon and stars are another common theme in jewelry. Many people love the mystical feel that moon and star jewelry gives off. Whether or not you’ve got a serious interest in astronomy, moon and star jewelry is a popular trend sure to attract compliments.



Celestial jewelry brings the sun into the equation and makes for a more balanced symbolic meaning. ItĀ brings about the balance of the universe and is a great motif for representing balance and bringing a sense of equilibrium to the wearer.

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