Men’s Bracelets Under $35

Men may not have arm parties like women do, but many do appreciate a nice men’s bracelet! Classic men’s bracelets make a fantastic Father’s Day gift, and with these picks each under $35, it’s easy to treat the dad in your life to a trendy (but of course still macho) accessory. See the details on our top affordable men’s bracelet picks below.


1. For the edgy guy: Men’s Black Plate Stainless Steel Linked Bracelet

2. For the modern guy: Engravable Stainless Steel ID Cuff Bracelet

3. The the casual guy: Men’s Stainless Steel Bali Style Link Bracelet

4. For the laid back guy: Men’s Brown and Black Leather Bracelet

5. For the cool guy: Men’s Gray and Black Braided Cord Engravable ID Bracelet

6. For the classic guy: Men’s Engravable Stainless Steel ID Bracelet with Ladder Links

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