May’s Birthstone: The Enchanting Emerald

May’s birthstone is the enchanting emerald. The name of this treasured stone comes from the Greek word for green, and with good reason! The word “emerald” has now transcended its literal definition as a gemstone and is used to describe a particular rich, green hue. In fact, “Emerald” was Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year because of its luxury and elegance.¹


Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May because the stone is said to symbolize the rebirth and renewal that comes with Spring.²

Typically, emerald is not the clearest of gemstones, and it is common to see cloudiness or blemishes within an average emerald stone suitable for use in jewelry. Finding an emerald with no inclusions visible to the naked eye is very rare, and subsequently very costly. This is why emerald cubic zirconia jewelry is a viable alternative for genuine May birthstone jewelry.

Emeralds not only carry their own signature color, but their own signature cut as well. Emeralds naturally form in 6-sided prisms, and therefore are naturally suited for the “emerald cut.”³


The rich color of emeralds make this stone a bold statement however it is worn!



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