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For this installment of Sparkling Across America, we headed all the way across the country to Washington state to talk with Twenties Girl Style blogger Ashley Mickey. We adore her fun style and were so excited to learn about Northwestern trends! Read on to hear about Ashley’s foray into the blogging world, what trends she’s most excited about for spring, and more!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging? Ashley Mickey

My name is Ashley, and I am a 25-year-old teacher/blogger. I’ve always been intrigued with blogging. I’ve had a variety of different blogs since I was in middle school, but those always had more of a daily diary feel. I started my blog that I have now in 2010, as an outlet for my love of fashion. I put up a few random posts on trends of the moment and my fashion icons and ended up deleting them. I was really self-conscious of my blog, especially when comparing them to other high fashion blogs that I followed. The blogs that I looked at always had amazing photography, a clean, unique site design, thousands of followers, and featured outfits that cost more than my entire wardrobe combined. I knew this was something I would never be able to keep up with as I was technology challenged, didn’t own a camera, and was a poor college student. Looking at just high fashion blogs was really discouraging for me and ended up turning me off to blogging for a while. Over 2 years ago, while checking up on my usual high fashion blogs, I sort of stumbled into the world of the ‘personal style’ blogs. I guess I had never really ventured out and browsed beyond the realm of bloggers with expensive taste. I quickly added to my list of daily reads, blogs by girls JUST LIKE ME. Girls whose outfits consisted of Target and Forever 21 finds at bargain prices, snapshot photos and web design powered by Blogger (thank you, Blogger for having a simple template for technology challenged girls like me!). I liked the idea of showcasing personal style, and it just sort of clicked. I’ve always been one to wear what I want, dressing more for myself, so why couldn’t my blog be for me? I started by just taking iPhone mirror pictures to keep track of daily outfits, and everything sort of fell into place. My sister became a photographer and started taking my pictures, I met wonderful blogger friends who helped me with my design and layout, and I learned how to navigate as a blogger.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Girly, trendy, fun.


Where do you get your style inspiration?

I pull my style inspiration from everywhere… magazines, Pinterest, fellow bloggers, and even people I see while out and about!


What is your favorite part about living in Washington?

I truly live in one of the prettiest cities in Washington, where I get to experience all four seasons. While I am not the biggest winter fan (I don’t love the cold), I do love that I get to experience snow and winter activities like snowshoeing or skiing. I love that there are so many outdoor adventures to experience and love that I live so close to a beautiful lake where I spend most of my time in the summer.


Do you notice any regional trends that may not be as prevalent in other parts of the country?

It’s cold here, so layers, layers and more layers! Cute coats, beanies, and chunky scarfs are definitely necessity during this time of year, as are boots. You’ve got to have a couple of pairs of cute boots!


What is your favorite local attraction?

As mentioned above, I live about 45 minutes from the gorgeous Lake Chelan, where I spend most of my summer days swimming, boating, and lounging. I look forward to it all year round!


How would you define Northwest style?

Putting a label on Northwest style is too difficult! I would say it changes with every age group and every season, just like anywhere else!


What trend are you most looking forward to wearing this spring?

I’m obsessed with pastels, especially purple, so I am definitely looking forward to wearing sundresses and pretty tops in baby blue, light pink, and lavender. I am also really excited to start wearing sandals and wedges!



What do you predict will be the hottest hue of the season? 

Radiant Orchid! It’s everywhere and I’m obsessed! I also love that mint has hung around for another season. It’s definitely one of my favorites!


What do you look for in a piece of jewelry? 

I love a good chunky, colorful statement necklace! Something that can be worn with a plain T and jeans, but totally pull the outfit together. I also adore dainty rings and necklaces that are just a cute little touch no matter what you are doing!


What is your favorite piece from right now? nl11389_goldvermeil

I love all of the pretty monogram necklaces available! I have wanted a monogram necklace for a while and Eve’s Addiction offers some pretty perfect options! The gold vermeil monogram necklace might just be my number one pick!


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