New Jasper Wrap Bracelets!

It’s finally starting to warm up outside here in New England, and we’re getting to be one with nature with our new semi-precious stone wrap bracelets featuring jasper and lapis. We love the earthy, natural feel of these bracelets and can’t wait to stack them up this summer!

Are you unfamiliar with jasper? Here’s a little more info about our two newest jasper pieces:

Pink Jasper Wrap Bracelet

The first is our Chen Rai Pink Jasper Stone Wrap Bracelet, which features varying shades of pink and peach alongside metallic silver tones and black for contrast. This light pink brings about a calming effect, and the full color palette is reminiscent of a summer sunset.

The second is the Chen Rai Four Row Lapis and Jasper Wrap Bracelet. This bracelet is filled with earthy neutrals and accented with lapis (short for Lapis lazuli), a rich blue semi-precious stone easily recognized for its vibrant hue. Alongside the lapis stone are reddish-brown jasper stones, filled with sediment details that are said to add extra feng shui to the stone’s natural calming powers.

Jasper and Lapis Wrap Bracelet


Check out these new jasper wrap bracelets and more styles to mix, match, and wrap at!

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