5 Winter Getaway Necessities

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March is here, which means it’s officially vacation season–well, winter getaway season. Spring break, paid time off, whatever you want to call it, a sunny getaway during the dreary days of late winter is the best remedy to the winter blues!

If you’re heading off on a winter getaway this month, there’s a few necessary travel companions that are often overlooked during your grey, cloudy days at home. No worries, thought! We’ve compiled a list of vacation essentials to get you on that plane or in that car and off to your paradise well-prepared!

1. Sunglasseswww.manoftaste.de

In the midst of this notoriously grey polar vortex we’re calling winter, it’s easy to forget that the sun still exists somewhere. Save yourself a trip to your hotel’s gift shop and bring a trusty pair of sunglasses so your eyes don’t go into Vitamin D-induced shock.

2. Sunscreen

While you’re protecting your eyes from these new-found UV rays, be sure to protect your skin as well! The sun is much stronger the closer to the equator you get, and if you’re currently in the Northeast like us, your skin has been deprived of sun for quite a few months now!

3. Summer accessories

You’re officially leaving the land of scarves and furry boots and entering sunny, tropical paradise! Swap out your ear muffs for fun, colorful earrings, and exchange your boot liners for anklets and toe rings. If you’re going to get in the vacation spirit, go all in!


4. A good book via aafromaa on Flickr

This is your time to finally settle down with a good book (preferably on a beach towel with a drink in one hand and a Kindle in the other!) Put all of your work week worries aside and get sucked into that new release you’ve been dying to read!

5. Water

If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t have drinkable tap water, pack a full bottle of water in your suitcase that you can easily refill with bottled water from your hotel room or a restaurant. With all of those hours in the sun, it’s important not to dehydrate yourself so that you return feeling rested both mentally and physically, not drained and pruny!

If you are lucky enough to have a winter getaway coming your way this month, enjoy!


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