Be Your Own Valentine


It’s easy to feel down on yourself this time of year. Valentine’s Day hype has been flooding the market for nearly a month, and everyone and her mother has published a “unique” Valentine’s Day gift guide, filled with heart-shaped objects in reds and pinks that conform so strictly to the traditional Valentine’s Day aesthetic. If you don’t have a significant other or someone to be your Valentine, the holiday is not for you, right?


Don’t wear all-black as a sullen anti-heart day statement and scoff at the couples flooding your Instagram feed. Channel all of that anti-Valentine’s Day energy onto the one person who loves you most every day of the year: you.

If Valentine’s Day is a day for showing the people you love that you care about them via material things, then take full advantage of it. Be your own Valentine.

Treat yourself.
Whether that means sitting in bed with a box of heart-shaped donuts (yum), splurging on a new pair of shoes, or finally placing the order for the drusy ring you’ve been lusting after for weeks, do something nice for yourself. Spoil yourself, if just for the day. Go get a manicure and a large latte. Most importantly, don’t feel bad about it.


Buy yourself flowers. FYF-MIXTUL
Especially at Valentine’s Day, a nice bouquet of flowers is seen as a taboo sort of can’t-buy-for-yourself item. This could not be more wrong. You don’t need to order a dozen red roses to be sent to yourself from a secret admirer. Stop by the local florist and treat yourself to your favorite type of arrangement. This suggestion isn’t even reserved just for Valentine’s Day- flowers are a great way to treat yourself regularly.

Even if you do have a Valentine on February 14th, don’t forget to appreciate yourself, too. Don’t get too caught up in the corporate side of the holiday. Be yourself, treat yourself, and love yourself.


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