The Power of Beads

Beaded bracelets have always been a versatile accessory, but did you know that some are said to have metaphysical and healing properties? These special beaded bracelets, called power bead bracelets, each carry special meanings and can provide their wearers with spiritual empowerment.


Gemstone meanings may vary from person to person, but the following is the traditional gemstone meaning for popular power bead bracelet styles.

Hematite- This polished charcoal-hued stone is said to bring happiness and combat depression. It is also believed to offer the wearer a grounded energy for a more balanced life.

Red Jasper This rich reddish-brown stone is said to offer protection, nurturing, and the power to bring problems to light.

Tiger’s Eye These yellow and brown-swirled beads are said to promote courage, creativity, and artistic thought.

Green Aventurine- This vibrant green stone, often referred to as the “good luck stone,” is believed to promote success, intelligence, and perception.

Rose Quartz Pale pink and ultra-feminine, rose quartz promotes love and romance, as well as harmony and good fortune.

Amethyst- The rich purple of genuine amethyst is one of our all-time favorite gemstone colors. Amethyst is known for its healing properties and as a stone said to have a meditative or calming effect, working to provide calm, balance, and peace.

Onyx- This polished black stone is said to enhance self-control and stability and provide protection to its wearer.

Moss Agate The calming shades of green found in moss agate beads are said to promote a balanced mind and clarity in confusing situations.

The power bead bracelets at Eve’s Addiction include an engravable sterling silver tag, which you can customize with a name, initial, monogram, or date. All of the power beads are strung on elastic to fit all wrist sizes, and are often worn in multiples to offer a balanced spirit.

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