Lovebirds: From Wedding Trend to Wearable Trend

If you’ve ever heard anyone say anything along the lines of “Aw, look at you two lovebirds,” you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that lovebirds have been an extremely popular wedding theme trend throughout 2013 and into the new year. From cake toppers to silhouettes on save-the-dates, Etsy vendors are practically overflowing with lovebird themed wedding accessories.



Lately, though, lovebirds are becoming a popular theme outside of just the bridal circuit. Especially this time of year (hint: Valentine’s Day), more and more lovebird themed jewelry is hitting the market. Of course this lovebird jewelry doesn’t have the same overtly lovey-dovey feel as lovebird wedding decor, but this makes it a great everyday jewelry style.


These sweet silver birds are dainty, yet durable and they’re a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that strays from the traditional Valentine’s Day aesthetic of red and pink hearts and heart-shaped jewelry.

Of course you don’t need a Valentine to treat yourself to lovebird jewelry! Birds, particularly¬†sparrows, top the charts of the most popular tattoos women get. What do you think? Would you wear the lovebird trend as an everyday look?


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