Brighten Up to Beat the Winter Blues

There have been 26 winter storms across America this winter. 26. And as New Englanders, we’re so over it.

dogs-in-snowHow do you beat the winter blues when there’s a fresh layer of snow on top of the already towering piles of snow just about every other day? Brighten up! Stand up against this relentless winter with bright colors, whether it’s a bright red pea coat, neon pink snow boots, or a lime green cocktail ring.

If you’re looking for color inspiration to keep you out of a snow-covered rut, use these color profiles to align your accessories with your happy place!


Yellow: The color of sunshine, yellow is associated with happiness, energy, and intellect. This vibrant hue is more than just an attention-getter; it provokes cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity.

Green: This color symbolizes nature, harmony, growth, and freshness. It is the easiest color on the human eye, and it stands out vibrantly against the white snow.

Light blue: This peaceful hue is associated with health, tranquility, and understanding. The color blue has a calming effect and contributes to the well-being of both the mind and the body.

Purple: Purple is a rare color in nature, and it has both royal and feminine qualities.

Pink: Another feminine color, pink depicts love, romance, and friendship. A pop of this warm color can put you into a warm, springy mindset necessary to get through the rest of the late-winter drag.

What’s your cure for the winter blues? A bright color? A tropical drink? Share it with us! After all, with 26 winter storms, we’re all in this together.

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