Life Hack: Easy Jewelry Storage Ideas

The ideal way for jewelry to be stored is individually, in a soft pouch that is not exposed to air. This helps keep the jewelry from tarnishing and tangling. This can be very space-consuming, however, and make it difficult to find the piece you’re looking for. Not everyone has room for a large or expensive jewelry armoire to store all of their fabulous jewelry, either. This doesn’t mean that your jewelry needs to live in a tangled mess atop your dresser, though! There are plenty of simple and DIY jewelry storage solutions available, for every budget and skill level. Below we’re rounded up a few of our favorite easy jewelry storage solutions to inspire you to get organized this New Year!

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1. Cork board
A cork board jewelry organizer can be as simple or as ornate as you’d like. Keep it simple by using pushpins to hang necklaces and bracelets on a piece of corkboard on your wall or propped up on a dresser or end table. Dress things up to match the room by attaching fabric of your choice to the board for a more attractive, yet practical way to organize your jewelry.

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2. Animal decor
For the animal lover looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to store valuable rings when they’re not in use, these adorable chrome animal figurines are both fun and practical pieces of modern decor. It is important to avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower or the pool, so helpful little animals like these help keep you from misplacing your rings while preserving their lives. Other animals of this design include a cat, rabbit, giraffe, and more.

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3. Ice cube tray
Use this simple household accessory already in your kitchen to turn cluttered drawers into organized jewelry storage. The individual pockets keep jewelry from getting tangled up, and the contrast with the white tray makes it easy to find whatever piece you’re looking for. For extra storage, you can stack these a few trays high in your drawer; think of it like high-rise jewelry storage.

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4. Hanging zippered organizer
These zippered, hanging jewelry organizers are great space savers, as they can hang flat in your closet between your clothes. Not only is this a smart way to conceal valuables, but the zippered plastic pouches limit air exposure that causes jewelry to tarnish.

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5. Bathroom hardware
With minimal effort, you can use bathroom hardware such as towel racks as in-closet jewelry storage. You can use hand towel racks for easy bracelet storage, or attach S-hooks to larger towel racks to hang and organize necklaces. You don’t need a walk-in closet to make room for this space-saving jewelry storage hack!

Storing your jewelry in the open air can cause it to tarnish. This is OK, as oxidation happens naturally to sterling silver jewelry, but it is important to know how (and how not) to clean and care for your jewelry. See our tips for caring for your jewelry here.

Do you have another life hack for jewelry storage? Share it with us in the comments!

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