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Sparkling Across America heads back down south for its latest interview! Kenya of Kenya L Fashion Blog gives us the scoop on the hottest upcoming winter styles as told by North Carolina fashion. Kenya knows her trends, and she was nice enough to give us the inside scoop about what we can expect to be seen on fashionistas everywhere this winter! We won’t just give it away, so read on for your NC style advice!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging? Kenya-NC

Believe it or not, I am an IT Manager by day for a major financial services firm. By night I am a personal style blogger, complete lover of fashion, purseaholic, and shoe addict!

My blogging journey started in May of 2012, initially as a way to chronicle my dream of designing and producing custom designed blazers for women. However, the blog quickly became more than just a journal of steps towards that dream; it essentially became a creative outlet for me to document and share my personal style and fashion thoughts with others. The blog helped me rediscover my passion for writing and has given me a great channel to express my fashion style. Ultimately I discovered that my true passion was for personal style and fashion blogging itself and so now that is my primary focus.


Describe your style in 3 words. 

Interesting question…  I think my style varies depending on the situation but if I had to classify it into 3 words only, I’d say simple yet trendy and chic.   


Where do you get your style inspiration?

My style is influenced heavily by other fashion blogs, magazines, and celebrity fashion.


What’s you number 1 tip for dressing stylish at the office?

The idea of a “traditionalist work wardrobe” is beginning to evolve. Traditional work wardrobes are much more open to personal style and creativity now.  So, my tip is… while it is important to maintain a professional appearance, don’t let that keep you from looking for ways to add individuality to your work style.     


What do you like best about living in North Carolina?

NC is just a beautiful place. I love everything about it, honestly. The weather is great, the landscape and scenery is amazing, and there are so many great spots to check out within the state. It’s just a beautiful place to live!


Do you notice any regional trends that may not be as prevalent in other areas?

Honestly I can’t say that I do. I live in Charlotte, NC which is one of the larger (if not largest) cities in NC.  Because of that, I think the style here tends to follow the trends that you see nationally.


How would you describe Southern style?

This is an interesting question… Again, I can’t say that the “South” has a style. I think you see a variety of styles and trends in the south – just as you do in other areas of the country and the world.  Of course there are exceptions always – but generally I think style is set at an individual level, not necessarily by region or location.


What do you look for in a piece of jewelry?

I love big, bold statement pieces.  Jewelry and accessories can completely change a look and I love nothing more than having a great statement piece (necklace, ring, bracelet) to add on to it!


What is the hottest hue of the moment and what are you doing with it? emerald-ring

I think there are 3 hues that are hot right now… emerald, various shades of blue, and burgundy or wine. I love these colors in particular. They are very rich and perfect for the fall. I have been incorporating these colors into my wardrobe in a variety of ways, and the great thing is that because they are IT colors this fall, there are lots of choices to add them in! A good starting point for this is to work the color into your look by adding 1 or 2 pieces (let’s say emerald pants or an emerald blouse) to a neutral or foundational color (black for instance). Or use the color to accessorize your look by adding an emerald handbag, shoes or jewelry.


What trend do you predict will be big this winter?

Embellished sweatshirts, leather, and metallics!


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

Hmmm… right now my favorite piece is probably my giant pearl statement necklace. I love the versatility of it. I can use it to dress up for a night out or wear it during the day with a t-shirt and jeans! It’s definitely all-purpose!


What is your favorite piece from right now? bbrc10039

It was a tough choice but I think my pick is the gold interlaced cuff bracelet.  I love the unique styling.  It’s definitely a stand-out piece!


To keep up with Kenya, be sure to check out her blog and  follow her on Instagram and Twitter!


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