New Monogram Styles!

Just in time to kick off your holiday shopping, we received a fresh new batch of hot holiday styles, including monogram jewelry! We’re thrilled to announce a few brand new monogram jewelry styles that would look perfect in a dark blue box under the Christmas tree.

new-monograms1. Sterling silver monogram cuff ring
This wide band ring has a small opening in the back, resembling a cuff bracelet. This allows for a little extra breathing room, as wide band rings can often be uncomfortable with the natural swelling and contracting of our hands in varying climates. This ring is not adjustable, though, and is available in whole sizes 5-9. insta-cuffring

2. Tortoise shell acrylic monogram necklace
This modern take on the traditional monogram necklace is a fun and affordable fashion choice. At only $36, this acrylic monogram can be personalized for everyone on your Christmas list. It is available in 3 different sizes (1.25″, 1.5″, and 2″) so there’s a unique look for everyone.

3. Gold vermeil monogram cuff ring
This ring is a gold colored option to the sterling silver monogram cuff ring. The style is exactly the same, but it’s made of gold plated sterling silver.



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