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Big fashion can live in small towns, too. Small town Indiana blogger Catherine Hageman of Small Town, Big Wardrobe proves it! In this installment of Sparkling Across America, we chatted with Catherine about her style inspiration, her preview of winter fashion, and what’s at the top of her holiday wishlist. Read on for more!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging? Indiana

I work in corporate marketing and was looking for a creative outlet. I have always loved shopping and writing, and wanted to channel those things into a fun blog.


How does small town living affect your sense of style?

We certainly don’t have the shopping of bigger cities, but thanks to online shopping, I don’t let that hold me back.


What is your favorite thing about living in Indiana?

Everything. I love the cornfields in the summer, I love the amazing colors of trees in the autumn, and I most love the people. I love knowing who everyone is wherever I go.



Do you notice any regional style trends that may not be as prominent in other parts of the country?

I don’t know if it’s a trend, but fashion certainly leans toward function and comfort here. It’s fun to wear heels, but I’ll take a good pair of flats any day.



What is one trend you predict to be big for winter? 

Jeweled sweatshirts! I have one, and can’t wait to style it for the winter.


It may be a bit early, but what’s at the top of your holiday wish list?

It’s never too early to make a wish list! (And truthfully, I keep one going year-round.) Coach’s medium city tote is my first pick. I saw it in person last week and am in love. It’s a classic bag I’d hope to get years of use out of. I’d also love a cozy fisherman sweater!


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

A delicate Tiffany’s necklace my mom bought me when I graduated from college, for sentimental reasons of course.



What is your favorite piece from right now? 

Blue is my favorite color, and I’m loving these blue dangle earrings!


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