Are Opals Bad Luck? October Birthstone Myths Debunked

octoberOctober babies have two beautiful birthstones: opal and tourmaline. For many people born outside the month of October, however, Can I wear opal? is a common question. An age old myth says that it is bad luck to wear opal jewelry. The same rumors claim that is is bad luck to receive an opal or to wear the precious stone if it is not your birthstone.


It’s time to debunk these myths! The idea that wearing opal jewelry is bad luck most likely originated in the 1800s when a novel by Sir Walter Scott used an opal to symbolically reflect the changing fortunes of the main character. Critics believed it was the evil influence of the opal that caused the book’s heroine such misfortune. Not only did this circulating rumor drastically reduce the value of opal at the time, but it stuck around so long that bad luck vibes surround the stone today.

So, are opals bad luck?

In reality, the opal has no supernatural power and there is no proof that the multicolored stone carries any bad karma. In fact another popular belief is that the opal shields its wearer from back luck–if, of course, the opal is the wearer’s birthstone. If the wearer is not an October baby, the luck is reversed, says the myth. This belief is likely based on the fragility of the stone. It is very common for genuine opals to crack, as they are very delicate, but this misfortune could happen to any opal owner, October-born, if the stone is not properly cared for.

An alternative birthstone


October babies are lucky enough to have not just one, but two beautiful birthstones to choose from. If you’re extra-superstitious and don’t want to take our word that opals aren’t really bad luck, you can always opt for the secondary October birthstone, tourmaline. Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in a variety of different colors, including some varieties that include multiple colors within one stone (see watermelon tourmaline). The most widely accepted tourmaline color for use as the October birthstone is pink tourmaline.

This pretty pink stone is more commonly used in birthstone jewelry as it complements other translucent birthstones well, and it is much less fragile than opal, which must be treated very carefully and not exposed to any harsh elements or force.

Which October birthstone do you prefer?


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