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Initial stud earrings first made a splash in the celebrity scene when Kim Kardashian effectively fueled rumors of her romance with Kanye West by sporting “KW” gold initial stud earrings. These petite personalized studs are continuing to heat up, having caught the recent attention of People Style Watch and other trend authorities.

If you want to hop on board with the personalized jewelry trend, but don’t know where to start, initial stud earrings are a great gateway into the world of personalized jewelry. You can mix and match petite block letters in your choice of metals (sterling silver, gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, and cubic zirconia lined) to feature your own initials or the initials of the one you love. You can wear initial stud earrings the same way you’d wear any personalized jewelry piece, but with a subtle (yet stylish!) twist. Starting at $28, these personalized earrings are super affordable, too! Grab a few pairs to really step up your mix-and-match game.


Custom Monogram Stud Earrings

If you’re already a fan of personalized jewelry or monograms and you want to take your stud personalization to the next level, try the custom monogram stud earrings. These beauties are custom-made in your choice of metal and are the perfect way to achieve the trendy prep look.

To check out all of the initial stud earrings Eve’s Addiction has to offer, click here. Happy mix-and-matching!


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