Amber: The Colors of Fall

amberAre you sad to see the fall foliage coming to an end? With winter comes the bareness of branches once littered with gorgeous greens, yellows, and reds ready to fall. The beautiful colors of natural amber jewelry, however, give you fall foliage you can wear year-round.

What is amber?


Amber is fossilized tree resin, so when you’re wearing amber jewelry it really is like you’re taking the fall foliage with you. Exposing amber to high levels of heat give it bubbles, also called “scales” that bring out the stone’s natural color. Imperfections called inclusions are also found in amber; sometimes these inclusions are insects that have been fossilized within the resin for millions of years. These natural inclusions make amber more valuable.

The kind of amber most commonly used in jewelry, Baltic amber, is also referred to as “true amber.” It is treated with hydraulic pressure to mold the amber into the desired shape and bring out its natural colors. Amber is most commonly set in sterling silver, and carries with it various myths of healing properties. It is also an alternate birthstone for November.

Amber jewelry, with its rich red, yellow, and green hues, is the perfect jewelry to reflect your love for fall all year long.



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