Go Bold This Season

Summer is over, but do not despair! This fall, bold and colorful jewelry is the key to a great look. If the bright and lively colors of summer seem to be fading from view, get some signature pieces that will brighten your day while also enhancing your fabulous look.

Some of the most daring and vibrant pieces trending right now are watches and statement necklaces that make your look pop! If you’re looking for one of these watches, try a bright gold or maybe a vivid watch with gold accents like Jennifer Aniston. EvesAddiction.com has plenty of beautiful standout watches to choose from.


Large and adventurous necklaces are also a trend you must try this fall! Some of the most standout styles include large chain necklaces, pieces that contain large stones or gems, and extensive pieces with lots of shimmery detail. Some celebrities to scout out for jewelry trends are Beyonce, Eva Mendez and other red carpet divas. Large and detailed cocktail rings are also a great way to add sparkle and spice to you wardrobe.


These looks are a great way to accessorize but also a great way to highlight your best features. If you have the hands of a goddess, wearing large and beautiful cocktail rings or bold watches will show off your amazing fingers! If you have fantastic collar bones, show them off with a statement necklace! Of course, when choosing your vibrant and fearless accessorized look, you’ll want to make sure your look is not overdone. If you are going with a bold necklace, keep the other jewelry, like earrings more subdued.

Whatever the occasion might be this fall, don’t be afraid to show off your great style and personality with vibrant and daring looks!


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