He Loves Me Knot

loveknotThe love knot is a symbol as popularly found in jewelry as the infinity symbol. They both ultimately represent the same ideal: eternal love. Some love knots are more recognizable than others, like the Algerian love knot or the Celtic love knot. But there are a plethora of styles to choose from.

love-knot-ringOne popular choice is the Designer style love knot, which features a sterling silver knot and a gold vermeil accent, its two-tone design making it ideal for wear with either silver or gold jewelry. Love knot rings make great romantic gifts or promise rings, as the love knot ring meaning is very simple; it is an emblem of love.

While the Designer style love knot resembles a pretzel-shaped knot tied with string, there are many other styles available. The everlasting love knot style blends casual and classy with a single cubic zirconia stone set inside of a sterling silver knot. Plenty of variations of this classic style, sometimes called the lovers’ knot, are surfacing as well.



Which style is your favorite? Would you opt for a bangle, a pendant or a ring? What about earrings? Would you buy a love knot for yourself or would you rather receive it as a gift? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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