Q&A with Pinky to Posh blogger Dayna Vasilik

Fashion blogger Dayna Vasilik is an expert on everything girly and chic. We love her blog, Pinky to Posh, so we chatted with Dayna about her style, her inspiration, and her experience interviewing major celebrities. Read on for more!



Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging?

“In college, I realized that the party scene wasn’t for me. After a lot of soul-searching, I decided to reach out to my school newspaper and started their first fashion column. One thing led to another and I began using my articles to create my blog, Pinky To Posh. I always try to include a deeper meaning and message behind each post. Therefore, my expectations for Pinky To Posh have always been to share a point of view with my followers that is different than any other fashion blog.”


What is your go-to summer accessory?

“Does a hair tie count? Haha! I always keep a hair tie on my wrist especially in the summer, since you never know when you might get caught in an unexpected shower or when the humidity skyrockets wilting my hair leaving it looking like a hot mess; enter the high ponytail!  I will usually wear statement earrings, such as these Amy Conway earrings, making it seem as if I meant to style my hair up for the day to show off my accessory! I also think it’s nice to have an iPhone cover case that best shows off your personal style. Nowadays we are constantly on our iPhones and what’s appealing about holding a clear boring iPhone case cover?!”


What do you think is the most important thing to look for in a piece of jewelry?

“Besides the quality, the practicality that you will actually wear the piece.”


Where do you get your style inspiration?

“My feelings on any particular day inspire my choice of outfits rather than a certain person. Although I love celebrity Lauren Conrad’s style, I tend to dress up according to my emotions and feelings. For instance, on days when I feel sexy I will wear an open back dress, a touch of lipstick, and eye-catching dangly earrings. On days when I’m feeling laid back, I would opt for a comfortable black tank and jeans or cotton maxi paired with a lightweight denim jacket, wedges, and of course, the high ponytail will make a special appearance.”



You have a very feminine style. How do you maintain this while still keeping variety to your outfits?

“I would rather stay true to my style and choose quality pieces rather than buying quantities of fad clothing and accessories. As I mentioned before, my choice of clothing clearly represents how I feel on a particular day. I have always felt great in feminine clothing that said I believe when you feel good, you look good…and if that means I repeat an outfit here and there, so be it!”


What’s the number one item in your beach bag this summer?

“Oil pads! I am obsessed with always having a packet of Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets on me. These are awesome for hot humid days in the summer because they remove excess oil and shine without smudging your makeup.”


You’ve interviewed quite a few big-name celebrities. Who was your favorite to interview and why?


“Although all of the celebrities I have interviewed have been courteous and gracious, I would have to say interviewing Sophia Bush at the Charity Water Ball was a true pleasure. She was so present while speaking with me and sincere when answering questions regarding the charity.  It was quite obvious that she was educated and truly passionate about Charity Water. In today’s narcissistic society, Sophia’s kindness and selflessness are truly rare.  She was so refreshing!”


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