Get Ready for Summer with Guest Blogger ‘Girl is Shameless’

Eve’s Addiction is excited to announce our next guest blogger:  Girl is Shameless!

We instantly fell in love with the style on her blog! Her bio even reads:  “Obsessed with fashion & designer duds. Enough said.”    She said it alright! Enough said 🙂 So without further ado….

Read her guest blog just for us below for tips on how to start planning your summer wardrobe:


What’s in your wardrobe for this summer?evesaddiction_shameless

Not totally sure yet? Well, when figuring out what your summer staples will be, make sure all of the following are a part of it.Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

The Maxi Skirt:For a chic yet comfortable look, the maxi skirt is essential this season. I recently dove for an all black maxi purchase from

The great thing about maxi skirts is that you can sport a tank top, a crop top or even an oversized top along with a blazer. All equals total perfection.

The Top: Graphic tees are always great in my book. Conversely, if you’re going to sport a graphic tee with a maxi, make sure it’s semi fitted to achieve the effortlessly chic look instead of the I–grabbed-a-shirt-in-the-dark look.  Aside from graphic t-shirts, tank tops are a must when all else fails and so are sheer tops for potential layering.

The Perfect Shoe: If you’re into flats or being on your tippy toes, Nasty Gal is my one-stop-shop for all my shoes needs. I personally head for the wedges and thong flats.  Wedges can spice up even the most uncreative outfits. If you’re lacking effort and sporting leggings and an oversized blouse, make sure your shoes make the statement.

The Bag: Totes are quintessential in my wardrobe. However, on days that I don’t feel like lugging around my life, I opt for my Longchamp bag which can be purchased at  your nearest Longchamp store or Saks Fifth Ave. I purchased my mini tote for $100, and chose orange for an extra pop of color. This mini tote is pretty awesome in my book since I can store my iPad mini, mini makeup bag, and sunglass holder in it.

The Accessories: Chunky rings and personal bangles are necessary to any outfit. I have 3 bangles I wear 24/7 so they’re always a part of my outfit. This summer I’m totally digging the idea of chunky and oversized rings as well as bangles and cuffs. I personally like to layer my accessories, but it’s all about preference and being comfortable.

Here are some of my favorites from Eve’s Addiction:

Designer Inspired Ruby CZ Thin Cable Cuff Bracelet

Designer Inspired Ruby CZ Thin Cable Cuff Bracelet

I Have Nothing More to Give You But My Heart Posey Bracelet

I Have Nothing More to Give You But My Heart Posey Bracelet

Elegant CZ Scrollwork Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

Elegant CZ Scrollwork Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

Whatever you choose to rock this summer, a great rule to keep in mind is to look and feel comfortable in your attire without looking like a garbage bag. With my necessary items for this summer, you should be all set!

Happy summer shopping!



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