Couples Initial Necklace

I love the idea of couples initial necklaces. It is such a sweet, not to mention stylish, way to show your love.

Sterling Silver Couples Initial Necklace

Sterling Silver Couples Initial Necklace at Eve’s Addiction

Necklaces like this sterling silver couples initial necklace with a heart are the perfect way to keep your loved one close to your own heart all day! Couples initial jewelry is also a really great gift for newlyweds who are completely smitten with each other!

It’s romantic and sentimental to wear any style of couples jewelry – it all just depends on your personal taste! Whether you are looking for couples bracelets, couples necklaces or couples rings, you will find the perfect fit at Eve’s Addiction.

A lot of Celebrities have also been really getting into wearing couples jewelry! Celebrities couples jewelry is so just oh-so-sweet!


One Thought on “Couples Initial Necklace

  1.' Awesome Stuff on September 15, 2017 at 4:01 pm said:

    Just wondering if I have this one as matching necklaces for couples coz I am planning to surprise some and give her a unique anniversary gift. Is it possible to have one as a couple necklace?

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