Jewelry Dos & Don’ts This Summer

As we get further into the summer it just keeps getting hotter and hotter! This means more fun at beaches and pools to keep cool which means more outfits and more accessorizing! Learn how to accessorize the right way for a day at the pool or the beach with out ruining your favorite sterling silver jewelry from Eve’s Addiction!

DO wear your jewelry to the pool and beach.
DON’T wear your jewelry IN the pool or ocean water!

Everyone is trying to look their best especially when there are swimsuits involved. It is okay to accessorize with your sterling silver jewelry when you head to the pool and you are laying on deck or in the sand relaxing but if you plan to take a dip into the water be sure to take off your jewelry first! The salt in the ocean and the chemicals in the pool (or jacuzzi) can be harmful to your jewelry. The jewelry won’t melt away or anything but it will definitely loose it’s shiny look because the chemicals will peel away at it, giving it a dirty tarnished look that you will NOT be happy about. So make sure that if you do accessorize with your sterling silver jewelry when you head to the pool or beach, just take it off, leaving it somewhere safe, before you get in the water!

Summer Favorites:

Below are some of this summers hottest sellers and would be excellent to accessorize with a bathing suit or cover up for your day at the pool or the beach!

A simple Wrap Bracelet is the perfect summer accessory. These bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit and can be worn individually or layered. To the left is displayed the Chen Rai Turquoise Bead Wrap Bracelet, similar to the color of the cool pool water or salty ocean waves. To the right is the Chen Rai Genuine Red Agate Brown Wrap Bracelet, similar to the blazing color of the hot summer’s sun.

What says a day by the water than all things nautical?! Accessorize for your day at the pool or beach with Eve’s Addiction’s Nautical Jewelry. This exquisite collection is a true beauty that can be worn all year round for the sensational feeling of summer even on the coldest days of winter. To the left is the Designer Style Sterling Silver Starfish Necklace and Earring Set. This lovely set is just one of the sets within an entire collection of Starfish Jewelry filled with all sorts of sizes and shapes of starfish including plain sterling silver and cubic zirconias inlayed in sterling silver. In the middle is one of the newest additions to Eve’s Nautical Jewelry Collection, the Designer Style Rose Gold CZ Petite Anchor Pendant. This dainty pendant is perfect to match with both gold and sterling silver jewelry, being rose gold, a pinkish in between color. To the right is the Palm Tree Necklace and Earring Set. This magnificent set was worn in the movie, Fools Gold. Now you can wear it beach side too!

Anklets, also called Ankle Bracelets, and Toe Rings are the ultimate summer jewelry accessory. In the winter you can’t see these lovely jewelry pieces so in the summer, it’s time to show them off! On the left is the Sparkling CZ’s Anklet and on the right is the Five Stone CZ Sterling Silver Toe Ring. Both pieces are sterling silver with cubic zirconias that allow just the right amount of dazzle and flair for the perfect summer look!


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