Fall Wedding Style Guide

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Fall is right around the corner which means new fashion styles including bridal jewelry! This post will take you through the hottest upcoming trends for Fall 2012 as far as engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewelry, bridesmaids jewelry, and even jewelry for the groom and groomsmen!

Engagement Rings:

Just like everything else in the fashion world, a lot of this years wedding jewelry is inspired by celebrities and designers. Recently, Angelina Jolie became engaged to long-time boyfriend, Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie’s jaw-dropping engagement ring is featured in the middle. This ring has inspired a lot of “bigger is better” type engagement ring styles. As you can see, styles such as these have influenced the growth in size of engagement rings. The bulkier the better! These trendy, up and coming engagement rings hold a classic look with some bold style!

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Wedding Rings:

Above are some classic wedding band styles with a little extra glam for flavor. The top row displays three of the most popular men’s style wedding bands. Recently, black and silver has been a hot trend for men’s jewelry, especially wedding jewelry. Second row down, There are three types of women’s wedding bands. The center band holds a more timeless look while the bands to the left and right add some modern flair. The bottom row displays unisex wedding bands. These bands come in sizes 5-13 and can be worn by either the bride, the groom, or both for a perfect match!

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Bridal Jewelry Sets for Bride & Bridesmaids:

It can be hard to choose matching earrings and necklaces for both the bride herself and for what the bridesmaids will wear. At Eve’s Addiction, we carry many jewelry sets, making it easier on the bride-t0-be while shopping. The matching pairs are already laid out for you and it’s a great way to save money! Above are just a few of our most popular sets for weddings. Pearl jewelry and cross jewelry are classic looks for wedding styles. They look excellent with white wedding dresses and hold meaningful beauty. If you are looking to add a little glam, cubic zirconias are a great way to go. They are beautiful stones that will shine through and through, just like a diamond.

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Jewelry for Grooms & Groomsmen:

While cuff links are not always necessary for men to wear to weddings, they are making a large comeback, especially engravable cuff links. Cuff links, money clips, and key chains make great gifts for groomsmen and can also be used by the groom. In the past, grooms have given their groomsmen matching cuff links to match their own, symbolizing the unifying friendship between the men.

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