New Style: Amber Jewelry

New to Eve’s Addiction is our Amber Jewelry Collection. Amber jewelry has become a really popular trend over the past few years and that trend continues to increase. Amber jewelry is a mineral that is appreciated worldwide for it’s natural beauty. The mineral comes from Baltic regions of Poland and Russia. Amber comes in a variety of colors, Green Amber being the rarest for its truly earthy look.

There are many ways to wear Amber. Currently Eve’s Addiction is carrying Amber rings, necklaces, and earrings. By wearing these jewelry pieces, it is possible to channel some of the minerals mythical properties. It has been said that Baltic amber jewelry attracts spiritual forces and bonds soul mates and family. In addition, amber will help with personal internal matters, bring you success, help overcome hard obstacles in your life, and enhance your artistic side. In addition to all of these marvelous qualities, amber is said to help as a healing agent.

All in all, your amber jewelry will guarentee success, health, happiness, and natural beauty. Right now, our hottest Baltic amber piece, bringing our customers these positive qualities,  is our Genuine Baltic Honey Amber Sterling Silver Ladybug Pendant and Genuine Baltic Honey Amber Sterling Silver Ladybug Earrings, pictured below.

Bring yourself some positive energy and an adorning look, you and onlookers are sure to love, by checking out Eve’s Genuine Baltic Amber Jewelry Collection!



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