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Happy Flag Day, everyone! Flag Day also referred to as Flag Birthday, celebrates the day America officially adopted the Stars and Stripes on the American flag in 1777. Though the tradition of celebrating this day had been started many years prior, President Woodrow Wilson made the holiday official through an Act of Congress in August of 1949.

Today, Flag Day is celebrated over the course of a week, referred to as “National Flag Week.” Throughout the duration of National Flag Week, American citizens are encouraged by the president to proudly hang an American flag on their property, only if it’s just for that week. In addition, all government buildings display a flag, if they already didn’t all year round and many towns and organizations hold parades in commemoration. On the second Sunday in June, the National Flag Day Foundation holds an annual Flag Day observance. This observance includes a ceremony where the flag is raised, citizens recite the Pledge of¬†Allegiance¬†and sing the national anthem in unison, and conclude with a parade.

Not only does the American flag responsible for representing the American people and their country and being the cause of celebrations, but it has been worn as a fashion statement. The American Flag Fashion Trend has been growing more and more popular every year. Around this time of year, you see a lot of people wearing American Flag related clothing and accessories, including Star Jewelry and and American Flag Jewelry. This trend has molded from being a June/July trend for Flag Day and Fourth of July, to an all-summer/all-year long trend.

It has become very clear that American citizens are proud of their flag and feel comfortable wearing it as a bold fashion statement, while representing their country. Eve’s Addiction has many American Flag themed rings as well as Star Jewelry representing the stars that were added to the flag in 1777. Represent your country with pride today, and all year long, with our American Flag and Star Jewelry.

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