Expanding Eve’s Sideways Jewelry Collection

Eve’s Addiction fulfilled the demand for the Sideways Cross Necklace after seeing the growing popularity of the piece after it was seen worn by many popular celebrities and fashion icons in the jewelry fashion world. As customers started to notice the trend, Eve’s Addiction quickly made sure to get in multiple styles, satisfying the desires of all jewelry lovers. Eve’s Addiction now has a Sterling Silver Simple Sideways Cross Necklace, as well as rose gold and gold vermeil. In addition to these three simple sideways cross styles, we carry the sideways cross in rose gold with cubic zirconias and silver with cubic zirconias for a little extra dazzle. Beyond this, we also carry a Sterling Silver CZ Sideways Cross Ring and various Sideways Cross Bracelets with both pearls and cubic zirconias.

Today, Eve’s Addiction introduced their newest member to the Sideways Jewelry Collection, the Sterling Silver Sideways Anchor Necklace. This petite nautical anchor necklace measures 3/8 of an inch wide, weighing a mere 3.3 grams. The necklace is .925 Sterling Silver and comes on a beautiful rolo chain that can be conveniently adjusted from 16.5 inches to 18 inches.

Nautical Jewelry and Sideways Jewelry are two of the hottest styles this Summer so why not combine the two!? Keep an eye out on EvesAddiction.com. There are definitely more of these hot styles to come!

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