Mother’s Day Gifts ~ Staff Picks: Loving Mother’s Theme Oriana Bracelet

From now until Mother’s Day, Eve’s Addiction staff will be picking out their favorite Mom gift picks to share with you! So far, we have heard from Caitlin and Stephanie and Carol.

Next up is Christine! Christine is our Social Marketing Coordinator and she has chosen the Loving Mother’s Theme Oriana Bracelet.

Loving Mother's Theme Oriana Bracelet

Caution to my Mom: Don’t read this until after Mother’s Day please! 🙂  …….

The Loving Mother’s Theme Oriana Bracelet is the perfect way to show mom you care and how much you appreciate everything she does for you year-round. I will also probably order a couple more Oriana beads to add to this bracelet for my mom – she loves cupcakes and pink posey’s so I will probably add the Pink Cupcake Oriana Bead and the Pretty Posey Glass Oriana Bead to personalize even more to her! I hope every time she looks at her wrist wearing this she feels as appreciated and loved as she is!

The best part is… you can add to this bracelet (or compatible Pandora bracelets) from Eve’s Addiction’s vast collection of Oriana beads at any time, so you are already ahead on mom’s next gift idea! :)”

Loving Mother Oriana Bead Bracelet

Loving Mother Oriana Bead Bracelet


As Christine mentioned, if your mom already has a bracelet like this started, like one from Pandora, the Oriana beads are a perfect fit and are definitely an affordable – and beautiful – option.

Other similar Oriana Theme include:  Mother’s Theme Oriana Bracelet with 9 Beads, Breast Cancer Awareness Theme Oriana Bracelet and a Happy Graduation Oriana Bracelet with 9 Beads.

See all of Eve’s Addiction’s Oriana Bracelets & Charms – Pandora Bead Compatible Jewelry!

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