How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Bridal Hairstyle

Are you having trouble deciding on what kind of earrings you or your bridesmaids should wear at your wedding? Don’t worry about it! With the help of, let your hair decide for you!

The first style is for women wearing their SHORT hair down or wearing their hair back in some sort of an up-do whether it’s a bun or ponytail. Studs and small hoops are the way to go for this hairstyle. By pulling back your hair, exposing your ears, small, simple earrings will give you a tasteful, natural, and polished look for your big day. As pictured above, Eve’s Addiction recommends a simple pearl style. Not feeling the pearls? Check out our plain silver earrings or CZ earrings!

The second style is for women with long hair who are wearing it down, or partially down. Your long locks are going to get in the way of your earrings if you don’t choose correctly. This is why Eve’s Addiction recommends wearing larger earrings such as dangles. By wearing dangles, you are preventing your hair from hiding your jewelry. As pictured above, Eve’s Addiction recommends some simple yet glamorous floral CZ dangle earrings. They have just the right amount of glam to stand out from your hair, but not take away from your natural glow you have on your wedding day. If you aren’t a fan of the floral, Eve’s Addiction also has plain dangle silver earrings and CZ dangle earrings.


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