Meaning of the Tree of Life Pendant

A unique and popular style of jewelry at our selection of tree of life jewelry. A symbol has appeared throughout history for centuries, the tree of life dates backĀ  as far the Babylonian and Celtic times. Found in literature, art, wall hangings, and jewelry, the tree of life has mainly represented the relationship between earth and the skies (or heaven, for a more religious meaning). The tree of life can also take on more personal meanings like having your feet planted to the ground but your head in the sky or even deep roots of family and friends that provide a nourished life.

There hundreds of designs and interpretations for tree of life jewelry, but tree of life pendants seem to be the more popular style. Eve’s offers a beautiful Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant with Mother of Pearl and a simple Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendants with matching earrings.

Also check out the engravable tree of life tag pendant, which is also available with the serenity prayer for an inspirational gift!


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