Custom Monogram Necklace

We know you’re all going to love this one: introducing our new Custom Monogram Necklaces!  There’s no classier way to add some personalized flair to your wardrobe.  Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift have been spotted multiple times rocking a monogram necklace, thank goodness now you can too.

A monogram is technically a pattern of overlapping initials; the proper format is with the first letter of the first name on the left, the last name initial in the middle in a larger font and the middle initial on the far right.   This originated from the Victorian era, but monograms can be seen going all the way back to the Romans and Greeks, when they would use monograms on their coins to identify their rulers.  Many times married woman are expected to put their maiden name initial where the middle initial would normally go, but rules are meant to be broken! With this truly stunning pendant, the choice is yours.  Put your  initials, 3 initials of children or grandchildren, or you and your lovers initials.  Whatever you decide to do, this pendant will look amazing.

If you haven’t noticed, these necklaces are extremely hard to find, and especially at such a great cost!  They make awesome gifts, either for someone else or yourself. Personally, we wholeheartedly believe in the idea of a little self indulgence.  Having a crappy day?  Skip the chocolate and go straight for the jewelry! You’ll be thanking yourself next week when everyone’s eyes go a little green at the sight of this necklace.  We have three sizes, small, medium and large, and all come in a gold or silver finish.  Try a Gold Vermeil Medium Custom Monogram Necklace for something bold, or a Sterling Silver Small Custom Monogram necklace for a daintier look.  Either way, you really can’t lose.


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