Family Tree Pendants for Mom

Eve’s Addiction has plenty of beautiful birthstone necklaces that you can enjoy for a very good price. If you’re looking for a good family tree pendant, Eve’s Addiction’s has plenty of them in either gold or sterling silver custom birthstone pendants. Whatever the size of your family, you can get a nice family tree pendant for a very good price.

There are plenty of different amount of birthstones in any of these family tree pendant. They come in three, four, five, six, seven and even eight birthstones that you can get them in.

If you’re looking to keep your family closer to you, what better way than wearing their birthstones around your neck with a beautiful family tree pendant necklace from Eve’s Addiction? With beautiful designs such as their 3 Stone Sterling Silver Custom Birthstone Family Tree Pendant and their 6 Stone Sparkling Crystal Family Tree Pendant, who could pass up the opportunity to showcase their love for their family? Enjoy wearing one of these pendants and showing how much you really love your family with one of Eve’s Addiction’s gorgeous family tree pendants.


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