Silver Stars Anklet & Such

This Sterling Silver Stars Anklet by Eve’s Addiction is so cute that as soon as I saw it, I thought, “I must get this for my next vacation day at the beach next summer!” I’ve always wanted to wear a white bathing suit with a silver anklet as an accessory to the beach and this is just the perfect one.

Anklets worn to the beach can be the sexiest article of clothing when they match the perfect bathing suit. I would wear this starlit sterling silver anklet with a beautiful white bathing suit and white sandals, as well as a beautiful simple yet elegant white summer dress. That’s definitely going to be the look for me next summer!

The look can be finished with either the Double Star Drop Sterling Silver Earrings or with the Sterling Silver Cascading Star Necklace, both by Eve’s Addiction.


One Thought on “Silver Stars Anklet & Such

  1. All the jewelry shown above are beautiful and amazing..I really love this silver stars anklet.

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