Great New Custom Birthstone Necklace!

Do you have a mysterious streak in you that only a true goddess would have?  Well then you must be well versed in the goddess folklore of Ireland.   Aine, the Celtic goddess of human love and fertility, would be a full supporter of wearing Eve’s 3 Stone Celtic Trinity Knot Crystal Custom Birthstone Pendant.   This magical piece that is the Celtic knot is representative of the allusiveness of beginnings and endings, because it has none itself.  So like the timelessness of such a piece your own never ending beauty will emerge.  To make your divinity glow- pick your own Austrian birthstone crystals encompassing the knot.  With a piece like this you’ll never be without the luck of the Irish.


One Thought on “Great New Custom Birthstone Necklace!

  1.' natalie rungruang on October 5, 2010 at 1:36 am said:

    Adore it! Elegant and beautiful

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