Vintage Style Ring with Class

Be the flower bud that you are…check out Eve’s Ruby Red Enamel Ring with Vintage Flower.  The fiery red in this piece balances out perfectly with its elaborate flower pattern.  The piece can be worn as rock star apparel or glam you up to make you look like a 1920s movie star- so you pick!  This is one of those rings that you can’t live without because frankly girls we all have a little sizzling red in us that is covered up by are girlie charms.  Let the boys know that it takes a lot to tame your fire –so when in doubt don’t be without Eve’s Ruby Red Ring with Vintage Flower!


One Thought on “Vintage Style Ring with Class

  1.' Tiffany jewelry on September 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm said:

    Woow this piece is awesome and screams BUY ME BUY ME

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