Jewelry Trends for the Fall 2010 Season

Not that I want the summer to end or anything like that, but honestly we must look ahead to what the fall silver jewelry trends are going to be so that we may plan to be in style beginning now.

According to professional design director Anne Rush, what will be in style this fall 2010 season will be: “bold statements, mixed media, strong motifs, metals, fringed necklaces and beads.” Whichever article of jewelry you choose to use, the bolder the statement, the more mixed the media, the more repeated the motif – the better.

The colors that will definitely be in this season are deep green and rich purple. To accent these colors, you can use teal and fuschia and you can set these colors in “antique-worn gold or gunmetal gray platings.”

This fall 2010 promises to be a fun season full of options from which we could choose. Above anything, make sure you choose something that is totally you and that you enjoy wearing; something that makes you feel like you.


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