Showing Off For Summer

What better way to show off your fancy sandals and summer pedicure colors than with toe rings and anklets.  Tan feet plus strappy shoes go so well with the silver ankle bracelets now available.

From the Designer style starfish anklet, which shows great detail in each of the starfish arms, to the chains of stars anklet, you can show your love of the beach, or your love of the night sky.  Anklets are more versatile than bracelets in the summer, as they are new for the season and can highlight your legs while wearing capris, shorts, or sundresses.

Toe rings offer a way to showcase your feet without buying another new pair of shoes.  Why not invest in a diamond ring for your foot?  This brilliant cut twinkling star cubic zirconia toe ring can be worn everyday for that extra oomph, or on a special occasion to bring out the look of your dress shoes.  Open toed shoes, peep toes, and sandals can all benefit from a look like this, the new turquoise enamel flower silver toe ring.  It says spring, looking into summer, giving you a punch of color next to a great sandal.


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