Love Yourself With Oriana Beads

Heartbreak sucks! So why not love yourself?  Eve’s addiction is offering their love charms on sale.  This includes I love You beads, heart beads, and cupid beads.  Wear them as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even hang them off your book bag with as a key chain! Add them to your already growing  Pandora bracelet so that when you walk by people will appeal to the jingle of your charms.  Show them off to your secret crush and pretend you received them as a gift.  Make him believe you have a secret admirer (even if you’re the one that bought them!)

Then again, who cares what guys think?  Ladies it’s time to indulge for yourself.  Bracelets like these can not only accent your style but could be the perfect token of friendship or love for one’s mother, sister, or child.

For the men out there, illuminate the love for your woman with a love bead.  Show your girl she counts by adding the charms to your relationship.


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