Jewelry That Inspires

Tiffany Style Sterling Silver Wishbone NecklaceMany of us wear jewelry that was given to us for an important occasion, by a special person.  Their meaning lies in the memory of the day, the life changing moment when we graduated, got engaged, or were married. We touch it lovingly, look at it throughout the day, and show it off to our friends.

We pull the wishbone in half hoping for the larger piece to grant us our wish.  Wearing the Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant is like keeping a wish close to us for a rainy day.  It’s a beautiful and simple silver necklace that stands out as symbol of hope for our bright future.

If you are a fan of special memory charm bracelets, the Oriana Bead Bracelet can carry so many of your memories at once.  Beads for every holiday, along with birthstone beads, zodiac beads of every sign and animals beads are just some of the many beads and charm available for you to choose that are fit onto any Pandora bracelet or jewelry.  Every woman has very different memories, and the Oriana Bead Bracelet and Beads give you a way to show them all at once.


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