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Q&A with Snakes Nest blogger Bethany Struble: SoCal Chic

We love Snakes Nest photographer-gone-blogger Bethany Struble’s SoCal chic style, so we chatted with her about her style inspiration and what’s Read More →


Q&A with Silas and Miri’s Britt Cherry: Southern Summer Living 2013

Our best of bloggers Q&A summer series is back for round 2! To start the summer off, we chatted with Read More →


Great Gatsby Fashion Inspiration – Roaring Glam Styles of the 1920’s

The premiere of the new Great Gatsby has inspired us all! 1920’s roaring glam styles are sweeping the fashion world Read More →


The Wendy Williams Show features Monogram Necklaces by Eve’s Addiction!

 “Sophisticated and stylish!”  “The perfect personalized gift!” Eve’s Addiction’s Monogram Necklaces were featured on The Wendy Williams Show! Our monogram Read More →


Get Ready for Summer with Guest Blogger ‘Girl is Shameless’


Eve’s Addiction is excited to announce our next guest blogger:  Girl is Shameless! We instantly fell in love with the style Read More →


Yellow Hello! Guest Blog Post by Carolosiphy

Eve’s Addiction is excited to announce the beginning of another guest bloggers series! Each week, one of our favorite fashionistas Read More →


How to Accessorize for Spring (VIDEO)

Spring is in the air! We couldn’t be more excited at Eve’s Addiction’s! Spring fashion and accessories are so beautiful and Read More →


Because Every Girl is a Princess…

tiara earrings

“I am a princess. All girls are.” ~ A Little Princess What better way to feel like a princess than Read More →


Focus on Spring Fashion: Black and White

br10681_Multi Beaded Black Triple Row Friendship Bracelet

Eve’s recently did an overview of Spring Jewelry Styles, but we wanted to take a more in-depth look at these Read More →


New Infinity Ring with a Twist

Dazzling Brilliant Cut CZ Ring with Infinity Design

Introducing Eve’s Addiction’s new Infinity Ring…with an extra twist: the Dazzling Brilliant Cut CZ Ring with Infinity Design. This unique style Read More →